We are just some of the humble accountants Springfield MO has to offer, but we still try to do our part in the community. Xcel Business Service gives back to The Arc of the Ozarks, a chapter of The Arc of the United States, a nonprofit disability service provider with a headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. They have division offices in Monett, Joplin, and Kansas City that serve individuals with disabilities across Missouri. Autism spectrum disorders is close to the heart of Xcel Business Service. As a family impacted by autism, we understand the importance of having quality programs, services and support to promote the greatest possible lifespan outcomes.

We have worked directly with The Arc of the Ozarks and want to support the important work they are doing as an industry leader in the development of cutting edge autism diagnostic evaluation and treatment services for children and families living with autism. Being some of the accountants Springfield MO has available, we understand numbers and there has been a significant and troubling increase in the prevalence of autism in the United States over the years. In the year 2000, 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with autism. Today in the United States, 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism. In Missouri, it is 1 in 41 children. Organizations like The Arc of the Ozarks are committed to research and development to support families that are faced with autism.

The Arc of the Ozarks offers support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which includes autism and other intellectual and learning disabilities. They provide a variety of disability programs, services and resources to create the best opportunity for people to live their most independent lives. Much like our mission as an accountants Springfield MO business to help business owners with their books and accounts, community living is at the heart of their mission at The Arc of the Ozarks. That is, to “Support individuals with disabilities to live as valued members of the community.” Providing safe and caring homes in the neighborhoods with support staff in independent supported living (ISL) homes is one way they accomplish this. From the community living model, other programs and services offered create opportunities for learning, growth, exploration and discovery to define personal, individualized goals and dreams. The range of services includes employment services, educational and recreational programs, therapies and treatment services. Families new to a disability diagnosis often are overwhelmed and challenged to find resources to navigate getting the help they need. The Arc has trained Family Advocates that provides essential resources and guidance to navigate the process to get the services and support their child(ren) need.

The programs and services are extensive and tailored to each individual. With a goal for an adult to live in a least restrictive environment as independently as possible. This would include goals for education and employment. This further includes working with local businesses to understand and value the importance of hiring people with disabilities and to recognize their untapped talent and skills they can offer a small business owner in our community. Advocacy is an important role of The Arc of the Ozarks to create space for individuals to learn their voice and speak up locally and legislatively on issues that impact them through grassroots efforts and personal outreach to elected officials.

The Arc of the Ozarks was founded in 1964 by a group of parents around a kitchen table that wanted a better life that did not include institutionalization of their children. Today, nearly 60 years later, The Arc of the Ozarks services individuals in (4) divisions, (37) Missouri counties, and employs 1,500 people that touch the lives of over 3,500 individuals every year.

Xcel Business Service and our accountants Springfield MO are dedicated to giving back to The Arc of the Ozarks because we are invested in our community and want to partner with them as a solution driven organization to create opportunities for the best life possible for people living with disability that are family, neighbors, and friends. For the past three years, Xcel Business Service has sponsored The Arc of the Ozarks, Monett Charity Golf tournament and has enjoyed participating and connecting with the organization and the community to raise funds to support their mission. Recently they began the development of a state of the art autism and neurodevelopmental center in Springfield coming early in 2024 with hopes of becoming a state funded autism center. They were awarded a $5 million matching grant to complete the project and we want to help support this project to help promote and raise the matching funds for their goal of $5 million. The wait for autism evaluations in Missouri is 18 months to 2 years for families. This delay creates educational challenges and barriers for children often widening the gap of their developmental delays and hindering their learning. Early intervention is the key to treatment and support with the greatest educational, social and emotional outcomes for children and families. Over the next decade alone, over 40,000 kids in Missouri will be identified as having autism. The Arc of the Ozarks is dedicated to being part of the solution for children and families in Southwest Missouri. Tim Dygon, The Arc of the Ozarks, Executive Vice President states, “the vision for the Arc of the Ozarks Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center will be a cutting-edge facility designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and other neurodevelopmental conditions. This center will be a place of hope, compassion, and innovation, where individuals of all ages can receive the support they need to reach their full potential”. We stand behind The Arc of the Ozarks for their heart to serve and meet a need with innovative approaches and a track record of success as a leader in the disability service industry.

Xcel Business Service has pledged to give back to The Arc of the Ozarks to help raise funds for their new Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center coming in early 2024. We commit to donating monthly 10 percent of revenue from each new client directly to the campaign. This is our way, as accountants Springfield MO, of giving back and we urge our customers, business partners, community members, friends, family, and neighbors to join us.

The Arc of the Ozarks hosts three signature events each year: Christmas Extravaganza in December, Open Buddy Bass Tournament in April, and Charity Golf Tournament in May. All to raise money for unfunded programs and each event comes with sponsorship and volunteer opportunities that may be of interest to you.

If you would like to partner with Xcel Business Service and our accountants Springfield MO in supporting an incredible organization that makes a difference in the lives of children and families across Missouri, you can donate at or call 417-771-3698 to learn more about how you can support or get involved in the important work they do for our community.